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Nandi farmers focus on coffee as they shift from maize due to poor market

By Titus Too

The county government is encouraging farmers to revert to coffee following poor maize and sugarcane prices. “Tinderet is an ideal region for coffee production and we urge farmers to take advantage.


The county government will support this by providing a subsidy in purchase of seedlings,” said Governor Stephen Sang. The agriculture department, he said, had identified coffee as a key economic transformation agenda and residents will be supported to exploit its production.


Sang spoke during an inspection tour of Kipkechem and Chepsaiti cooperative societies coffee pulping premises in Songhor, Tinderet.


He asked farmers to exploit value addition to boost their earnings. “Our farmers should progressively diversify into other crops instead of solely relying on the traditional maize, which is faced with challenges.


We should not let challenges and cartels kick us out of business,” said Sang. Speaking separately, Joseph Kurui, a Kenya Planters Cooperative Union (KPCU) director, said Tinderet region of Nandi has high potentials for coffee production. “The only challenge is cost of seedlings but we welcome support of the county government,” said Kurui. [Titus Too]

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